How To Create The Right Weight Loss Diet

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Losing weight an effective way so you are not gaining it again is a matter of creating a healthy life, where you leave out all unhealthy food, stress and what else that could jeopardize your healthy eating.

Usually when we hits january every year we all want to lose weight and get back in shape, unfortunately 99% percent sooner or later falls back into their old eating habits and it starts all over again the year after!

But seriously wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to do one last diet in your life?

Well it is possible and it can be done, but basically it is all up to you.

The reason why so many people fail their diet is because the try to starve themselves because they think that not eating will make them lose weight.

This is not the case and actually the opposite will have, because you crash your metabolism with this method, you are going to become more tolerant for weight gain, because your body does not burn so many calories any more.

And imagine what happens when you do this year after year?

Your January diet actually are going to make you gain weight.

Another factor that plays a role when you starve yourself for weight loss, is that sooner or later your brain will start to release hunger hormones to force you to eat.

You will lose that battle and before you know it, you are right back on the wagon again, eating all the bad stuff.

What you should focus on instead is to keep eating, but change your diet to a much healthier version by reducing the amount of fat, sugar carbohydrates and processed food in general.

Starvation is not the solution, but healthy food that keep your metabolism running plus makes you body burn calories digesting the food, that is what you are looking for.

So an example of a daily diet could look like this:


  1. Oatmeal
  2. Eggs
  3. Slices of Chicken on a wholewheat bread
  4. Coffe /Tea

In regards to eggs I think its insane stupid to leave out the yolk, we all have an overall responsibility not to throw out food in a world of hunger. Besides that there are some good stuff in the yolk we need, like the cholesterol so we can produce some hormones like the male testosterone.


Some fruit, crackers, cottage cheese.
Just something to get going.


Chicken or Fish are preferred choices, else lean meat will do as well.
Mix it with sweet potatoes or brown rice (not white rice).


Some fruit, crackers, cottage cheese.
Just something to get going.


Chicken or Fish are preferred choices, else lean meat will do as well.
Salad or vegetables.

Late night snack

Cottage cheese or whey protein

With this model you are first of all getting enough carbohydrate in your diet so you do not run out of energy. Besides that you keep a constant flow of protein intake which is important to make you feel full and satisfied.

Finally notice that we have all the “heavy” carbohydrates in the morning, where they are needed most, and not in the evening where you do not need them, because you are going to bed any way.

With this method combined with regular workout you will lose weight, because your metabolism stays intact.

Many people have problem with eating way to many carbohydrates or fatty food. If you are one of those there are solutions for that as well.

But first it is important for you to straighten up your diet before your start to take other method to limit you intake into action

But if it is impossible for you not to get this “sugar rush” where you need carbs or a fatty great steak, then there are some supplements such as Phentermine diet pills available helps your body to flush either the fat of the carbs out of your system before it goes into your blood stream.

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